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Book your Private DIY Event with In the Pines Co.

Please Read all the details below before booking your event!

Booking Fees INCLUDE You the hosts craft project! 

  • Event at YOUR Location WITH Pinecone the Bus: Minimum of 8 People (or crafts purchased). We don't have a maximum number, but we do need to know roughly how many in advance for staffing purposes. If it is a larger group we do the crafts in shifts while the others are inside your location mingling, eating, etc..
  • Event at YOUR Location with NO BUS: Minimum 6 People (or crafts purchased). No maximum number. This Event will be held inside your home, or location of choice. We will need a place to set up our sewing machines, typically a kitchen table or office desk is fine! We also need a place to set up all the fabrics for your guests to decorate their projects, like a folding table.
  • Event at OUR Location inside Pinecone the Bus: Minimum 3 People (or crafts purchased) No Maximum. Our Bus is located at 8150 Emerald St. Boise, ID 83704. We do not have a restroom on site, but there is a Chevron across the street. Small Parties don't typically last too long. Perfect for a small get together, or someone that wants to make a few gifts! NOT Available Saturday Nights.
  • Kids Birthday Party/Craft Class (Fri/Sat/Sun):  Includes up to 8 kids. They may choose a Kids Trucker Hat, Zipper Pouch, or Canvas Banner. If there are more than 8 kids, or an adult wants to make a craft those payments can be made the day of the event. Kids under the age of 7/8 usually require some assistance. These events are done at your location with the bus. There needs to be at least one adult present during event.
  • Kids Class SUMMER SPECIAL! (M-TH ONLY):  Includes up to 8 kids! They may choose to make a truckers hat, small zipper pouch, or canvas banner. Kids under the age of 8/9 usually require assistance. These events are done at your location with the bus. There needs to be at least one adult present during event.
  • Choose your date/time above. At checkout there is a place for notes, please leave the approx # of people you expect, the address of your event, as well as the craft(s) your group would like to make. You may choose to do a mix of crafts, or 1 specific craft. The booking fee will cover the cost of you (the hosts) craft, the travel fee, and reserve your time slot! 
  • Once you have booked your event, we will email you a link that you can share with your friends to have them purchase their projects for the event, unless you are purchasing a kids event, this is all paid for in advance. 
  • Pinecone the bus will need about 35ft of mostly flat surface to park. Typically the front of someone's house works just fine. We ask you have this space cleared and ready for us. He will typically block a driveway, so make sure anyone parked there doesn't need to leave during the event.
  • We will need access to power. We have a very long extension cord, most garages will have an outlet, or we can run it inside your front door.
  • We do allow beverages on the bus, but ask that you are responsible for any spills. (adult beverages are ok.)
  • In the HOT summer months Pinecone can get a little warm, or a little cold in the Winter. We do our best with fans, and space heaters. 


  • Adult Hats - $35  
  • Youth Hats - $30 
  • Youth Birthday/Class Add-on's - $25
  • Beanies - $35 
  • Tote Bag- $35
  • Small Zipper Pouches - $30
  • Tea Towels - $30
  • Hanging Pennants - $30
  • Dog (or human) Bandana - $28
  • Velcro Double Patch Hat - $42 (only available at our location)

We have endless fabric options for you to decorate with, and you will get to take your project home the same day! You are not required to do any sewing. You will only be cutting and tracing on fabric. Please remember we are doing all the sewing and this can take a little time on our end. 

Please allow 2-3 hours for your event depending on group size. 

In the Pines Co. is not held liable for any injury or damages. 

Any Questions Please Contact us at: