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Book your Private DIY Event with In the Pines Co.

Please Read all the details below before booking your event! We NO Longer have our Bus Pinecone! Events will be held at your location, or somewhere you arrange!

Email us at to book your event! 

  • Event at YOUR Location: Minimum 7 People (or crafts purchased). No maximum number. This Event will be held inside your home, or location of  your choice. We will need a place to set up our sewing machines, typically a kitchen table or office desk is fine! We also need a place to set up all the fabrics for your guests to decorate their projects, like a folding table or kitchen island.
    • Email us to book your event and let us know the date or a few dates that would work for you. We will then email you a link that you can share with your friends to have them purchase their projects 'tickets' for the event.


      • Adult Hats - $35  
      • Youth Hats - $28
      • Beanies - $35 

      We have endless fabric options for you to decorate with, and you will get to take your project home the same day! You are not required to do any sewing. You will only be cutting and tracing on fabric. Please remember we are doing all the sewing and this can take a little time on our end. 

      Please allow 2-3 hours for your event depending on group size. 

      In the Pines Co. is not held liable for any injury or damages. 

      Any Questions Please Contact us at: